Chapter One: Everything You Need To Know About The Auction Process

Part One of a Four Part Series, "An Insider's Guide to Flipping Houses"
Mason Enterprise Center

Walnut Street Finance Presents: "An Insider's Guide to Flipping Houses," A Four-Part Educational Seminar

During our monthly meetups, we've discussed all aspects of fixing and flipping houses, from finding the deals to the legal process once you find that perfect fix and flip.

Now, we've compiled all the our insider knowledge and advice on how to successfully find, fix, and flip a home and turned it into a four part seminar series, An Insider's Guide to Flipping Houses.

On Tuesday, April 30thwe are hosting the part one of the series, Everything You Need To Know About The Auction Process... But Were Afraid To Ask. 

Come join us for a free evening of learning, networking, and delicious food!


Mason Enterprise Center
4031 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030


Tuesday, April 30th


The Speakers

Chip Sher
Development Officer
Matt Hiley
Development Officer