Finding Deals Through Wholesalers with guest Lisa Hancock, MarketPro Home Buyers

We heard you loud and clear. You wanted to learn more about finding deals so we've brought you an expert.


Event Details

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
7:00PM – 9:00PM

Mason Enterprise Center
4031 University Drive
Room 122A
Fairfax, VA 22030


Seating is limited to 30 attendees so RSVP today! 

Join us and fellow real estate investors for an evening of learning, networking, and good food. Rather than hearing our team speak, we’ve brought in an expert who can answer all of your questions around working with wholesalers and finding real estate deals. And if that’s not enough to excite you, we’ll also have a nice catered spread plus a few giveaways throughout the event. Again, IT’S FREE! No strings attached. No gimmicks. No sales pitch. All learning and networking!

Here are a few of the questions we’ve heard from borrowers that we plan to answer. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to get any of your insurance questions answered during the event too.

  1. How do I find my first wholesale deal?
  2. Are wholesalers legit or is it all a scam?
  3. What do I look for to make sure the wholesaler is trustworthy and reputable?
  4. How do I know the deal is actually a good deal?
  5. What should I watch out for when working with a wholesaler?