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Private Lenders are a Perfect Fit for Rehab Loans

Rehab Loan - Speedy Funding

Speedy Funding

Traditional loans can take weeks to process, and hot properties will trade long before banks are capable of funding. Fast funding is one of the keys to a successful rehab project, which is a major benefit to using a hard money lender.

Rehab Loan - Less Equity Required

Less Equity Required at Closing

Although all financing options require at least some amount of “skin in the game,” private money and hard money loans are a good alternative for investors who lack sufficient capital at the time of purchase but are willing to work hard for a profit.

Rehab Loan - Flexible Terms

Flexible Terms

Some real estate investors & developers have less-than-perfect credit scores or cannot provide enough financial documentation to qualify for traditional bank loans. Walnut Street Finance has more flexible terms and obtainable conditions.

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